Students of Art University 美大生


I graduated art university.

Before I entered the uni, I went a preparatory art school school for a year and
studied sketch and colour composition in Tokyo.


I was so shocked when I met school mates as they are so hungry, smart, original, strong, unique and cool!
They know what they want, what they like and dislike.

Their attitude are so straight, never saving appearances, sometimes their comment hurt me.
I came from country side and felt so embarrassed about myself .


As I was totally dependant character at that time and could not say my opinion to others.
I every time worry about that how people are thinking about me.

Also I wore tasteless clothes and didn’t know which type of fashion I should wear.

For me studying in the course was so hard.
At first time, I thought I entered wrong school and I should change my course.

Everyday I had a big pressure with competitive environment.
I cried a lot when I got return train every day.


But, I should not show the weakness others, if I showed it means I was a loser.

However, I determined that I stay this course for a year.
Day by day, situation was changing and made some friends.

3 students

I was used to be in this place, even started liking the situation.
Also I slightly found out my identity as like as them.

After graduation, I worked in Tokyo for four years, then moved to Sydney.
I can say my opinion now and have strong identity I have.

I can say that I really like art students because they work so hard.

I start new Facebook community “Japanese Culture, Art and Design”
introduce Japanese artists to the world.

I would like to introduce more Tohoku artists, from the area that suffered most in the earthquake and tsunami of 2011.
Please, encourage the artists and designers by commenting on their work if you like it!
Also, If you have a friend who is interested in Japanese culture, please invite them to this community.

Really thanks.

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