Sexy Body Art Helps Community セクシーな体がコミュニティーを救う


Okinawa’s fire fighters make their beautiful body and it helps Okinawa community.

They did hard physical training  to increase muscle mass.
Then, making their sexy photography for calendar.

They want to donate money from sale of calendar to the “support Medical Evacuation with Helicopter”.

All member
All member B&W

Northern Okinawa is facing to depopulation problem.
Also it is decreasing number of doctors and medical services.

Without Medical Evacuation with Helicopter service, people difficult to survive in serious condition.

Fire fighters saw many local people’s serious situation and felt they should help something.
They have done this volunteer since October 2010

Akira shiroma san

All photography are great! It looks like real actor.

Shigetsune san

At the first, I though they are gays as Many fire men are gay in Sydney.

Masayo Miura san

However, They are heterosexual. They have great family, their wife and children help a lot to do this work.

They start training around autumn season for next calendar.
Their wife control their nutrition and children encourage daily exercise.

Yuki Kumazawa san

I am so impress their body art helps many people’s life.

I wanted to buy, but it’s sold out!!

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