Artist from Yamagata in Tohoku 東北、山形の芸術家


Happy New Year!
Wishing you have great days in 2013!

After coming back from holidays, I was so impressed as a great Japanese art work was uploaded in my community, Japanese culture, art and design.

One of the artist’s name is Yuriko Kitano. She is a Japanese style painter, living and drawing great natural landscape in Yamagata in Tohoku.
Yamagata Prefecture is one of the damaged areas from Tohoku earthquake 11th March in 2011.

When I saw her work “Hope”, without reading description,  I was moved to tears.

Japanese Painting
Hempen paper, mineral colors

Many people are still suffering from sadness about losing family, home and  hometown. On top of  losing those important things, they should live in temporary prefab houses and spend Christmas and New Year without their family.

I like her comment as below. I also think about what I can do for it.

“I start thinking about what I can do for it, after big earthquake occurred 11th March in Tohoku. The answer is after all that I draw paintings for encouraging people.

My grandmother is in hospital long time. I wish my painting encourages grandmother so after seeing my painting, hope she would think she wants her life longer .Thus, the title is “Hope”

I imagined a grandmother when I draw it. If you also feel the same way, “hope”, I am so happy.” By Yuriko Kitano

Title "Living in Yamagata"  4000×1600cm, Japanese Painting Hempen paper, mineral colors, silver foil, platinum foil. I draw landscape of Yamagata.
Title “Living in Yamagata”
4000×1600cm, Japanese Painting
Hempen paper, mineral colors, silver foil, platinum foil.
I draw landscape of Yamagata.

She has a passion for drawing great nature of Yamagata.

“For sure Yamagata prefecture is the last place, that is leaving nature in Japan. Yamagata is place in middle of island from pacific ocean and Japanese sea. It’s just the position of the navel in Tohoku.

There Zao mountain is standing behind and Asahi alps and Dewasanzan’s mountains are in other side. Calm big Mogami River flows through middle of Yamagata.

Mountain in Yamagata is as a place of the mountain worship, Japanese old mind, culture has been inherited ceaselessly. There will not be such a great basin with two.

I am attracted by the holy air of great nature of this Yamagata has and I am drawing landscape of Yamagata.
The mountains have snow on the top and keep out people. I think seems gods are living there. The haze wrapping up the mountains emphasises a holy atmosphere.

The waterfall splashes spray, and tense quietness surrounds the area.when I breathe a lot of air into my chest, I fall into the sense as if there is in magnificent nature,Through my pictures, wanting you to feel being embraced in the mother earth, atmosphere as if being in Yamagata.” By Yuriko Kitano

Sound of the Cascade
Title “Sound of the Cascade”
Japanese Painting 175×225cm
Title “Wavering”
Japanese Painting 175×225cm

If you are impressed by her art, please comment and encourage her in this page.

Sensin Isthmus
Title “Sensin Isthmus”
Japanese Painting 750×1500cm

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