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I regretted that I didn’t study Japanese painting in Japan.
When I was uni student, I studied about design and illustration in that time, I thought Japanese painting is old fashion and conservative.
Moreover, many things are annoying, must use many complicated tools, knee on the floor or buy art materials are expensive.
I excused with thousand of reasons.

Arts Student

However, after leaving Japan, my thinking is changed a lot. When I saw many Japanese painting, I am deeply impressed.

Mainly Japanese painting’s motif is nature things or landscape in Japan.
There are four seasons in Japan. Each season shows rapidly different feature.

For example, pink cherry blossoms in spring, green mountains in summer, brawn colour trees in autumn and white snowing in winter.
Japanese people appreciates a seasonal change with quiet eyes.

I respect Japanese painters, they know how Japan is beautiful country.
I introduce some Japanese painter in this page
Artist from Yamagata in Tohoku-東北、山形の芸術家“.

Ogata Kourin
Ogata Kourin

Japanese traditional painting is called “日本画(Japanese painting)”.

After Meiji era, The name was used to distinguish it from an oil painting from the West.
Indeed, difference between Japanese and Western painting are the material and tool for drawing.

Name of the “Japanese painting” became common word around 20th to 30th  in Meiji era.
Or Japanese painting has been developed and structured  along with influence of Western painting.

The Japanese painting’s tool, material and custom is based of traditional way it has inherited since hundred thousand years.
Generally it uses natural colour paints, ink, mineral colors, whitewash or dye  on the paper,silk, a tree or the plaster.
An animal glue is using for binding material.

JP painting Tool

Or sometimes uses gold, gold foil, for accent and decoration.
Handling the materials  of Japanese painting are not easy or it takes a lot of time and patience to learn.

I recommend those museums!!

Yamatane Museum of Art

Nezu Museum

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