Recommended Harajuku Day Tour オススメ原宿一日ツアー


When I lived in Tokyo, I often went around Harajuku area.
I could not buy and didn’t wear so much fashionable clothes.

However, even just looking around this area, I felt so happy. I swear you there is absolutely value to visit.
There are many fashion shop, design shop, cafe, restaurant, gallery and hair salon. All are mega cool.

Harajuku Station

I would like to introduce Harajuku day tour, that I and friends are often did.


It starts from Harajuku Station to Shibuya,next station.
Approximately It takes around one day so you don’t have self confidence of walking all day, take rest in fashionable cafe,
restaurant or pub as much as you like.

Wishing you enjoy it!

First, If you visit there weekend, visit at the Jungu bash, Jungu bridge, next to Harajuku station. You could find Gothic Lolita fashioned girls.

Gothic and Lolita

Opposite side of station, you could find Takeshita dori, Takeshita Street, where is so narrow and small street.
There are cheap accessary, fashion clothes, gift stuff, restaurants or sweets shop.
If you want to buy chap and cute stuff, I recommend going around.

At the end of the street is Meiji Dori, Meiji Street. The Laforet Harajuku is in the cross point of Meiji Dori and Omote-sandou.

There is a exactly fashion sending base. Total floor is six  however, It’s divined unique way, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, floor is exiting. I was every time confused there. Anyway, here is looks like a wonderland. All things are fashionable.  You might want to visit and see every shops.

Raforet buidlign

After visiting Laforet Harajuku, you go straight in Omote-sando, Omote Sando Hills is at left side of street. It opened in 2006 and around 100 stores and restaurants offering fashions and lifestyles. The world famous architect Mr. Tadao Ando designed the building .
You would enjoy his designed beautiful space.

Omotesando hill2

Turn right from Omote sando, getting into the Cat Street, Japanese people call this street “Ura Hara” (Harajuku back streets). I highly recommend to visit this street. I really like this street. You could see many Harajuku fashioned people around there. There are many unique vintage and original designed clothes shops also greened and relaxed cafes behind street. End of this street is in Shibuya, you can keep continue walking on Meiji Street and arrive around Shibuya Station.

cat street
fashion st

I hope you like it!

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