Learning from Hayao Miyazaki 宮崎駿からの教え


In the university, attended the Japanese Folklore class.
learned the important ethics and wisdoms from old generation.

Japanese traditional huntsman or woodman respect nature.
They are doing certain level of limited work, it doesn’t do extra hunting animals or cutting woods, because they don’t  want to suffer natural environment.
They know how they can control and keep natural environment .
They respect nature for having seasonal ceremony for thinks giving to gods in the forest.

It’s far from modern society and technology but, it’s seriously necessary to remember for future generation.


Lectures are sometimes talking about Hayao Miyazaki’s animation.

 Hayao Miyazaki is international famous animation director.
His animation is brilliant, but also his ethic and philosophy are deeply messaged in his story.


I like The  “Laputa:(The Castle in the Sky) ” highly recommending to watch it.

Simple summary is that ” Laputa ” is the castle, where floating in the sky .
It was once miraculous empire with great weapon and technology.
Yet, it was fallen by natural disaster and hidden in the cumulonimbus.

Long time after that, some people seek for Laputa for getting treasure, others are for taking advantage from the power.

Two children, Pazu and Sheeta also want to see Laputa for their family memory.

Sheeta and Pazu

I love the lines from this story.

End of the story, main character, Sheeta said “Even technology is developed miraculous,
Human could not beat nature. Human being should keep harmony with nature .”

I could not stop thinking about natural disaster, earthquake, tsunami and it hit nuclear power station in Tohoku.
People believe that it’s completely safe as technology can hold out from natural disaster .

We know the answer. We can not beat nature.

floating castle

I want to introduce Another Hayao Miyazaki’s animations later.

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