Designers Exhibited the Life Style in Tohoku デザイナー達が東北の生活スタイルを展示


Tohoku is northeast area, where has been big damaged by big earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.

After the incidents, famous designers had design exhibitions in Roppingi,Tokyo for encouraging Tohoku people.
The exhibition was so popular total 50,000 people visited.

The title is “Tema Hima : the Art of Living in Tohoku

TemaHima title

International fashion designer, Issay Miyake, he has been using beautiful textile or crafts for his work from traditional Japanese craftsmen in Tohoku since 1970. He directed the special exhibition “The real ability in Tohoku , heart and light , “Clothes”, Issei Miyake”

Moreovr, graphic designer, Taku Sato, and product designer, Naoto Hukazawa, visited Tohoku area , under the theme of  “food” and “living space”,  and found out and experienced designed things, that people work hard with time for living.
Then,they introduce it in the their collaborated designed exhibition. ” working hard with time, food and living space in Tohoku ” .

Exhibition Space

This two exhibitions introduce Tohoku people’s living style.

Tohoku People work hard with time in severe nature condition. They make things, for eating or using it for their living.
They are handing down the life style for ancestors.

We can find the way of the true richness and design from it.

Exhibition Food

The exhibition also shows the reality to be losing a next-generation Successor by the change of the lifestyle.

This problem is commonly happened in Tohoku area. I also wrote about this problem in this page.
“Art Exhibition Helps Local Crafts in Tohoku アート展示が東北の工芸を救う”

hand work
車麩(山形県東根市)photo: Yusuke Nishibe
干し柿(山形県上山市)photo: Yusuke Nishibe

Unfortunately, this exhibition is finished. Yet, The project publish a design book.

The book introduces 64 products, that are made by Tohoku people. It divines three category, clothes, food and living space.
It has many beautiful colour photographies with interviews and descriptions.

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