What are Japanese culture and design to you?貴方にとって日本の文化とデザインは何ですか?


I really happy when I meet some foreigner who is really interested in Japanese culture.


This is my friend, Richard Luan, comments as below. He has strong passion about Japanese culture, especially about design.

He is a graphic designer ,illustrator and web designer in Sydney.

He found out  Japanese design has unique style and has been handed down with native historical background.

Richard Luan’s  blog

<Interview with Richard Luan>
Q.   Can you introduce your back ground a bit?

A.   I’m a n Australian, born and raised in Australia. I’m a mixture of Manchu Chinese and Russian. And maybe Korean too because Manchu border is next to Korean, and plus my grandparents makes kimchi haha!

I have studied at Tafe. I use to study IT Helpdesk certificate 4 first and graduated successfully. After graduating IT I applied for another course In Web Design and Development in Diploma – I love how websites are made and compose. After finishing and graduating I decided to applied for another course this time in Graphics Design and Communications Diploma for 2 year and just completed my course successfully last year December 2012.

Q.  Why are you interested in Japanese Culture?  What was the trigger to like it?

 A.  I was passionate about design, art and culturer ever since i was small. What triggered my interest in Japanese culture was Japan animation, one of Japan’s subculture. My first Japanese animation experience was Akira when i was a child. Though Akira was ment to be an Adult animation I was blown away of the incredible story telling and background scenery I have never seen before. I knew I wanted to learn more about Japanese design.


“What are Japanese culture and design to you?”


“During my time as a graphic design student, I had showed my lecturers what Japanese design is, and how much impact it has grown. However, most of them did not have any understanding of its design nor what so ever. I had learned a lot during the course. Yet, it was hard to obtain appreciation of Japanese design from my lecturers. Now I feel ashamed that what is Japanese to them in the western society is nothing more than common or cliché. I hope that travel experience in Japan will lead me to discover the true Japanese culture and design, and share their beauty with as much audience as possible.

グラフィック・デザインを学んでいた時、日本のデザインとその影響力について、これまで講師の方々に伝えることを努めてきたが、それらの魅力は理解されることも受け入れられることもなかった。西洋の文化を背景とする講師から強要される“日本”のデザインとは、いわゆる彼らの「オリエンタル」な固定概念に基づくものばかり。それを目の当たりにして、とても残念でしかたがなかった。今回の日本での旅行で、本場の日本文化とデザインに触れ、帰国後はその魅力をより多くの人と共有できればと思う。” By Richard Luan

I agree with him and want to follow.
Even though some Japanese people don’t know real Japanese culture and value of it.
I wrote the topic “Knowing Real Value 本当の価値を知る“.

I keep continuing to write my blog for introducing real Japanese culture!!

Ikkou Tanaka
By Ikkou Tanaka

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