Art exhibition helps local crafts in Tohoku アート展示が東北の工芸を救う


News paper
Asahi shinbun,Yamagata

YOSUKE KISO, who I introduced before as an artist of seal engraving on the Japanese paper,

does activity to introduce to people a hand-made Japanese paper,
which is made in Tohoku,Yamagata.

Entrance at Exhibition

He is an organiser of the “DEWANOKAMI WORKS” activity.
The activity is learning about attractive hand-made paper and searching for a method to apply it .

This activity mainly, opens for the art person concerned and has a classes and workshops, processing technique of the Japanese paper.

Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall

15 people who attended this class made art works, which are made by Gassan Japanese paper in Nishikawa city and
Miyama Japanese paper in Shirataka city.

Each work is considerably unique as uses of characteristic  material. There are variety of works including the picture, bag and art object.

Paper crafts
by Kenji Watabe

When Yosuke Kiso is a graduate school student, he found out  the great quality of Japanese paper made by local craftsmen in Yamagata. He was so attracted by the feature of it and visited the craftsmen. However, in reality, even though the great quality product, declines the business and does not be inherited without being popular.

Because lifestyle, industrial structure and the economic sense are rapidly changed.

Mass production can produce cheap paper by wood pulp in large quantities.Thus, demanding of the hand-made Japanese paper is declining.


Another problem is that successor upbringing is faced with a crisis.
in fact, both Miyama and Nagasawa hand making Japanese paper production are hard condition as workers are advanced age.

It is only two businesses, Gassan Japanese paper production and Miyama Japanese paper centre, can continue now.

by Haga

The quality of paper is splendid by far. Even though the thinness that seems to be transparent, the paper is considerably firm.
It proves the quality and characteristic by this exhibition.

by Yosuke Kiso

By doing this activity, artists and organiser wish people would recognise that potential and attractive about
the hand-made Japanese paper in Yamagata, which is almost died out.

More work in

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