Day Before the Beginning of Spring Event 節分


We have many seasonable events and special days in Japan.

In February, There are

3rd :節分 (Setsubun) , Traditional end of winter day

4th : 立春(Rissyun),The beginning of spring day

11th : 建国記念日(kenkokukinenbi),The National Day

14th : ヴァレンタインデー、Valentine’s Day (different from Western style)

3rd February is 節分(Setsubun) day.
In this day, at some temples, school or home have a big Setsubun event.

The 節分(Setsubun) is day before beginning of each seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Also Setubun is meaning of dividing of seasons.


After Edo period, Setsubun event has been had only for spring time.

people traditionally  believe that malevolence occurs at time of the turning point of the season.
For routing the malevolence out , an event to get rid of a demon is held.

Beans and box

Thus, people throw away dry soy beans inside and outside of house.
When throwing beans toward to inside, calling that ” happiness is coming inside”, then toward to outside, calling that ” devil is going outside!!”

Or the throwing of beans implies the clearing away of noxious vapors by striking devil with the beans and making a wish for perfect health during the coming year.

devil mask

Children wear paper devil mask and enjoy playing demon role.
Or in the school, teachers disguise devil, and children throw beans to them.


Then, people eat beans, which same number of their age, prevents from bad luck and sickness during the coming year.

Narita mountain have this big event every year.

When I was child, I really enjoyed this traditional event because I could throw many beans anywhere and call loudly.
I would like to do with my son in Brunei and Australia!!

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