Making Japanese Paper in Tohoku 東北で和紙を作る


Before I was talking about this Japanese paper production,
Miyama Japanese Paper Centre, in Shirataka City in Yamagata,Tohoku.
In 20th January, the first process of making hand-made Japanese paper was starting with local people.

800 kg local Kouzo tree, Japanese tissue, were divined three sheaves.
Each one was steaming for three hours by special steaming machine.

Steaming Kouzo

As you see the photography, people hoisted huge woody barrel, which is a lid for steaming, up then,
white steam was up around the steamer.

Then, Kouzo tree are removed into cold water.

After that, by one of them stripped off the epidermis by manual labor and it’s bundled up and aired it outdoors.

Kouzo stripping

This Kouzo tree skin is a materials for paper-making. It uses after processes to make fiber small, bleaching, drying.

Dry Kouzo

Mr. Suda, chairman said ” Miyama Japanese paper would be never vanished away by us.
We would like to hand down this culture to next generation and do our best for it.

Miyama Japanese paper-making was started around 400 years ago.
The production technology was designated by a prefecture intangible cultural asset in 1978.

It uses material of graduation certification for elementary school, junior high school and high school or university,
Tohoku University of Art and Design, in this area.

Young local artist also support the traditional production.

The art exhibition helps local craft in Tohoku

By Yamagata News Online


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