Fake Japanese Restaurant 偽の日本料理店


I had funny experience in Sydney, Australia.
I often miss Japanese food and go to Japanese restaurant with my family.

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Some Japanese restaurant’s service, menu and staff are not really Japanese.
Most of those restaurant are managed by Korean or Chinese.

For example, they only say two Japanese words. When customers are coming into restaurant,
they say ” irasshaimase!” (welcome) in Japanese.
Then leaving, they say ” arigatou gozaimasu” (Thanks) .

I believed staff is a Japanese, then asked a question in Japanese.
“どのメニューがおすすめですか?” ” What is your recommended menu? ”
The answer was “??????”. They seemed so embarrassed.

Why they pretend to be Japanese??
Why they want to open Japanese restaurant?

I think, Japanese restaurant is becoming popular as it follows healthy boom.
People believe Japanese restaurant makes a lot of money.

However, it’s a bit sad.

Because sushi shokunin(sushi craftsmen), we call sushi chef is “sushi craftsmen”,
would spend for 10 years to become a professional sushi craftsmen.

hand-shaped sushi
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It’s a sushi craftsmen’s comment as below.

“Becoming sushi shokunin(craftsmen) needs more than ten years training.
Generally, we say that cooking general menu takes for three years and making hand-shaped sushi takes for eight years.

This ten years for been learned by own. It’s not taught by someone.

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This is process of training.

beginning to one year
At first, works of trainers are washing, hospitality and delivery.

two to three years
Cooking staff meals and doing kitchen hand.

five to six years
Gotten permission that step into sushi counter.
Cooking only sushi roll or sushi ship.

Seven years
Finally, start making hand-shaped sushi.
Getting knowledge about many kinds of cooking fish.

Ten years
Around that time, being full-fledged.

Recently, many chef thought easily that “I can cook sushi so I am a sushi craftsmen.”
I think it should not be judged by ourselves.
Customers should judge who is the real sushi craftsmen and called us “sushi craftsmen”.

It’s reasonable demands that sushi craftsmen can cook sushi.

Cooking sushi is just starting point and since then starting long time training period to become real one.

I have been sushi craftsmen for 27 years but, I still need to learn many things.

Being full-fledged craftsmen is really hard.
As always they are required to be good personality, reliability and real skills.

I think that someone call you “sushi craftsmen” is kinds of award.
Because only the person, who getting over many hard experiences, is given the name.”

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From this words, we can see Japanese craftsmen’s philosophy.

This traditional culture can’t copy from other country.
It’s real Japanese culture.

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