Japanese Royal Family 天皇家


Japanese Royal family is the symbol of peace, what I learned in school.

However, I heard many sad news from them recently and many foreigners ask me about
Japanese royal family, especially about princess Masako.

Book: Princess Masako

princess Masako book
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I researched about her news and being surprised of  that many Japanese people criticise her.

Because mass media talks about her really bad.

Princess Masako graduated from Harvard College and attended the course in International Relations at Oxford University.
She studied briefly at the University of Tokyo, in preparation for the entrance examinations at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Masako worked the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
During her career she met many world leaders, such as U.S. president Bill Clinton and Russian president Boris Yeltsin.
She also took part as a translator in negotiations with the United States concerning superconductors.

She uses native Japanese, fluent in English and French.
Using conversational standard in German, Russian, and Spanish.

Her career is great. People admired her as she is the first woman who become a government bureaucrat.
She got marry with Crown Prince Naruhito in 1993.

Princess Masako
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In 1999, mass media revealed about her signs of pregnancy.

It was extremely Intense media attention. she had missed abortion from the stress.

Also she could not make good relationship with Kunaicho(Imperial House Agency).

Generally, it’s so famous that they control million of things about royal family strictly, hair style, comment, standing position or education.

They dislike to accept new ideas and things because they believe Japanese royal family must continue and follow old customs and rules.

It’s really conservative ideas. I know Japanese manner is sometimes so strict.

Women working in Japan

Valentine Rule in Japanese Office

I can imagine that Masako has totally opposite thought from Imperial House Agency.
Thus, she grows up and  studies overseas.I know the situation that saying own opinion is so important to survive and have communication overseas.
She might say her opinion straight way in Kunaicho (Imperial House Agency) and they hate it.

Some of Imperial House Agency’s staffs reveals to mass media many negative stories about Masako.

It’s great profit for media as people love such of gossips. Media keep watching her and whatever she did, they wrote negative stories.

Crown Prince Family
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In 2001, She gave birth princess Aiko. However, Imperial House Agency and media are talking about the successor problem.
It’s 1500 years tradition, Japanese Emperor must be male. Thus, they push up Masako a lot.

She has been suffered from Adjustment disorder since 2004.

Recently Masako waved hands with pet dog to people . The bashing is that “Masako used dog’s hands for greeting people. It’s so rude to people. She doesn’t know proper manners.”

Dog and Princess Masako
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Also, she took  front seat  and prince was back seat in the car. “Her status is lower than prince, she came from general family.
However, she made light of prince .”

I think it’s ridiculous.

I like she waved hands with dog . It’s quite cute and feel so familiar with her.
Also, why she can’t take front seat ??  It’s too much details.

I feel so sorry for her.

She is a just human, who is same as us.

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