Japanese Valentine’s Day 日本のヴァレンタインデー


I talked about before Australian Christmas and Japanese one is different.

Japanese and Australian Family Holiday

Also, Valentine’s Day has big difference between Australian and Japan.

department store

My Australian English teacher was surprised when he got many chocolate from Japanese girl students.
Japanese way is that girls should present chocolate to boys at the day.

And 14th March is the White Day, boys give a candy in return.

Heart Chocolate

There are two types of gift in Japan.

“Honmei” 本命(favorite) Chocolate for real love, boyfriend or husband.

“Giri” 義理(a debt of gratitude) Chocolate for friends, teachers, brothers, boss or co-workers.

I remembered that I bought or made chocolate for my boy friend was so happy but,
I felt stress to prepare for Giri Chocolate to boss at the work place. Because, some of boss are not nice .

office chocolate

I could escape from giving Giri chocolate. Yet, I felt it’s junior’s duty to keep good relationship with them.

I talk about more Japanese office lady’s stress in another page

Women working in Japan 日本で働く女性

I think it really shows Japanese relationship, real intention and stated reason, at the office.

On the other hand, I was surprised at first Valentine’s Day in Australia.
I saw many boys hold a bunch of flowers at the street in the morning.
And in evening time, many girls got the flower from boys.

Rose flower

I prefer Valentine’s Day in Australia!!

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