Karuta card game かるた


Japanese traditional activity for children are unique.

I introduced one of children’s activity, Japanese paper crafts “Origami” before.

Today, I would like to introduce Karuta, which is children’s card game.
The name as Karuta was from card in Portuguese, and it transformed as Japanese sound as Karuta.Karuta card

When I was a child, I played  a lot of Karuta card, Japanese card game, with my family especially in New Year Holiday.


This is good for children’s leaning, language or proverb.
I learned many traditional Japanese proverb, which is really important to remember as national language learning.

Reading card

The rule of play is simple , a person reading one short sentence from reading card.
Players race to find and  pick up the card with the same image of reader’s card.
The winner is the person who collects most of cards.


Image card has so simple illustration. Even though, small children can play and learn same time.

If someone learn Japanese language, it helps to study well.

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