Solo Art Exhibition, Yuriko Kitano 北野有里子さんの個展


By 北野有里子 Yuriko Kitano
希望, Kibou, (Hope)
Size 860×1300

I introduced her before, Yuriko Kitano is a Japanese Painting artist in Yamagata, Tohoku.

Artist from Yamagata in Tohoku.

She has solo art exhibition at Gallery TOMO in Tokyo.

I obviously could not visit there, as I live in Brunei.
However, she sent me panorama 360 ° photo image.

I am so impressed to watch it. It works well!

I would like to share with you to watch those beautiful arts in this gage.

“Here is my exhibition space’s panorama 360 ° photo image.
This 3D image presents you as if you were in the gallery.
Please try and enjoy it!(o^-^o)” 

by  Yuriko Kitano

If you impress from those her works, please leave comment here for her.


More art works at

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