Girls Like Japanese Traditional Performing Arts


Recently, girl’s manga story captures traditional performing arts and it’s attracting attention in Japan.

Main character in those stories are girls.
They learn Japanese traditional performing arts,
Karuta, Japanese card game, or  Shodou,Japanese calligraphy and they determine to become a master of it.

I introduce two manga book today.



This manga comic is really popular in Japan.

Main character Chihaya Ayase was surprised and attracted by 
a transfer student, Shin Nishikiya.
He talk to her that, “I strongly want to become a Karuta, Japanese card game, master in the future”,
when she was a just in primary school student.

She is going to be  interested in the world of the karuta with friends.
Four years after, they become high school students and aim at the seat of a karuta master.

So that the sense of speed peculiar to competition karuta, it’s totally reads sports comic.
In addition to it, a drama such as love and the friendship is included in the story.


Next one is story about Shodou, Japanese calligraphy.

This manga was remade by TV drama. Drama info

Tomehane big image

The returnee girl, Yukari Ooe, who is not really good at Japanese language in faintheartedness.

She met cheerful girl, Yuki Mochizuki, who are absorbed in practising a sports  of judo.

Those girls who has opposite character join calligraphy club, which are almost closed down due to shortage member,
by an unexpected coincidence.
However, They learn about Shodou’s deep history, and being attracted by the world of the Shodou.

The calligraphy club which was about to be over brings back normal for passion of Yukari and Yuki and aims at the national convention.

The knowledge of the calligraphy is included everywhere in the story.


When I learned English, I read an English comic.
It is recommended for the person who wants to learn Japanese from comics.

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