The Otome Game,Young Girl Game


Otome game is becoming popular.
It shows Otaku culture is becoming standard of Japanese culture.

I don’t play video game. However, i think it’s sometimes good idea.
Because, all love could be happy end so it never give you heart break in the game.

If girls are tired of real love, they might get absorbed into love simulation game.

game and girl

The Otome game, young girl game, is the generic name of the love simulation game that
“a player becomes a woman main character and falls in love a male character in the game story”.


In the 1990s,  the game story was totally girl’s fantasy, for example, being surrounded by attractive knights,
reverse harem situation, with deepened love story. It became the talk of the news topic in Japan.

After live

In the 2000s, the games were developed on the story situation of the present time and it was increased at a stretch.
The player remembers younger days and compares it with life as now.
Although the stories are full of dreams, a similar to true experience appears in the story let a player feel a sense of closeness.

Prince of Tennis

And in 2008 , the game story used a real history , such as the late Tokugawa period or the age of civil strife.
It became so popular.
Also the comedy story with Otaku element is in increase.
In late years some works become an animated cartoon.
It is the splendid times for the Otome game user.

Edo game

The character designs of those games are so attractive.

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