Valentine Rule in Japanese Office


I talked about Japanese Valentine Day before.

70% of office lady object to exchanging gift in Valentine Day.
Because Japanese office would have a small drama in the day.

man hands present

Many companies set up unique rules in Valentine Day for reducing problems.
It’s seriously real rules but, it sounds a bit funny.

<A thing to purchase is fixed>

“We must give GODIVA!!”


“The chocolate gift must be small package for giving both boy and girl”

“Many staffs do not like sweets so gift must be except chocolate”

<The giving gift shows difference by a grade in the office>

“By the rank of the grade, attaching accessories, tie, handkerchief”

“Office ladies are Line up and give chocolate one by one for a vice-chairperson”

<Anti Valentine Day>

“Presents are under ban in Valentine day”

“Instead of presenting it to Valentine, raising funds”

<For reducing love trouble in the company>

“You must not present it other than a favorite”

“A single woman hands it to bachelorship and should not be misunderstood so a married person hands chocolate to all man”

office meeting

When I worked in Japan, My company did’t have such of rules!!

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