Unique Designed Product “Ichi-Goh” Cup


I’d like to introduce a design from my friend Satoshi Takaoka.
He named it “Ichi-Goh (一合) Cup”.  The cup blends traditional Japanese forms with a modern style.

Natural finish
Natural finish

The word Go “合” refers to a traditional Japanese unit of measurement for volumes.

1 go ~= 0.18039 litres (180.39ml)

Takaoka describes his product concept:

“The unit Go isn’t used much any more, but it is still used when measuring rice and sake.  
When you buy rice in a supermarket, the bag will be measured in standard grams/kilograms.  
But rice-cookers show the scale in Go.

I wanted to revive this Japanese tradition by designing a Go-sized cup, which can be used as a wooden bowl,
and also as a small sake cup.

The size feels good in the hand.”

The size feels good in the hand

There are two type designs one is natural finish other is Lacquer finish.
Both are made by hand and use safe material for body.

Lacquerware Shokunin and artist, Kenji Honma, is making wood production and the lacquer finish.
He is a famous as a only coherent lacquerware Shokunin in Japan.

logo mark
logo mark
Natural finish

I like the concept to revive Japanese traditional measurement  again!
purchasing this art work at: http://artlabshop.com

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