Cherry Blossom Viewing Manners


This is cherry blossom season in Japan.
cherry blossom

 Cherry Blossom Viewing in Tokyo

I found an interesting Japanese article that is talking about manners
and ideas for enjoying Hanami, cherry blossom viewing.

■A place taking should be smart!
Everybody wants to take good place, but it is silly to take the space larger than required.

■Consideration to a cherry tree
Let’s be careful when we spread a plastic sheet on the root of the cherry tree
because we damage a root and become hard to breathe.
It is kind to a cherry tree if we prepare a straw mat, and the atmosphere is a perfect .

■Devised lunch box
wrapping a lunch box in a Japanese piece of cloth, Furoshiki,
is a beautiful especially when opening a dish on the top of it.

■Drinking under cherry blossoms
It should be control in slight intoxication degree, then it is elegant to get drunk under cherry tree.

■Drinking favorite tea
Bring favorite tea leaf, green tea or brown tea, and hot water. Then how about tasting it under the cherry tree.

■Being careful not to get cold
A climate is still cool with instability in the time of the cherry blossom season.
Bring a jacket or a blanket is recommended.

■Don’t make a fuss
The noise is annoying.
Let’s consider the residents of the neighbourhood or the others, who wants to spend calmly.

Taking your own garbage home with you
Utilizing a plastic plate or moist hand towel without using the disposable thing as possible,
and let’s take your own garbage home with you.
mess up

I hope all people enjoy Hanami party with keeping proper manner!

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