University Contributes Local People


I graduated from this university,Tohoku University of Art and Design.

When I was a student, the school had founded only for three years
and facility and system was not enough for students.

Then, the uni seems change a lot now, they open many event for local people,
collaborate with big corporations or have activities for students or artist.

I am proud of students, working so hard and doing great activity.

Especially I admire this organisation.

TRSO, Tohoku Revival Services Organisation

”This is a project to create new society and new Tohoku after the East Japan  earthquake disaster.
It supports the Tohoku revival activity by an artist and the designer then promotes it.
A permanent exhibition shows the plan and result.
Moreover,organising a lecture and the workshop for a citizens and students,
who thinking about a reconstruction aid also coordinating the volunteer activity at the damaged area.

More specifically,
The molding workshop by a university teacher.
The art camp school which invites children from the damaged area.
Exchange picnic for the mother and child who evacuated from the area.
Service of the student volunteer bus is in connection with other universities.
To contribute for the education resource to the suffered community.

And many support project are continuing.
To help personnel training widely for encouraging next generation in Tohoku,
Many students participate in local support activity.

Wide study such as art, a building, a picture and the folklore are cooperating in this project.”

by TRSO, Tohoku Revival Services Organisation

I wish I will join those projects when I come back Japan!

Another projects for damaged area.

The design studio contributes for community

Project by Women Who Stepped Forward

New Product Idea from Traditional Japanese Paper 

Fun of the Material of the Tree 

Hand Cream from Damaged Area

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