Hair Dresser Can’t Work Without Quality Scissors


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Japanese hair dresser has excellent skill and their sophisticate works are popular world wide.
I tried hair cut in Taiwan, Korea, Brunei and Australia. All those local salon’s skill are OK.
I expected their skill were same as Japanese or more. However, I recognise clearly Japanese one is the best.

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My friends, hair dresser and dog groomer, both said that they prefer using Japanese scissors.
They said Japanese scissors are specials, light, sharp, last long and quality.
All are working overseas. They used other countries scissors and found out the result.
Hair cut Tools

It’s really interesting because Japanese professional hair dresser use craftsmen’s scissors.
Thus, doing hair dressing work needs double Japanese skills, cutting hair and making scissors.

In other words, scissors helps quality works.
I have never thought that making scissors is craftsmen’s job. But, it’s true.
I met the company, that has been making professional scissors from 60 years ago.

 “Kikui company, making hairdressing scissors, has been searching for functionality Since 1953.

Our mission is providing the stable high quality of products for professional workers, who can be satisfied by it .

To do so, we think that both exact manufacturing and expert craftsmen’s skill are indispensable.

Therefore Kikui balances a craftsman section and a machinery section, then setting the coherent production system.

Until mirror polishing and the finish by the craftsman, so we produces one by one product with responsibility.”


I would like to find more craftsmen’s products, that contributes professional people.

More talking about Japanese craftsmen, shokunin.

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