A Japanese Dog Groomer Travels All Over the World


I talk about Japanese groomers at previous blog.
Japanese Dog groomer is Popular

One of them is a my friend, Japanese dog groomer,
travel around all over the world and had amazing dog grooming experiences.

When I met her in Sydney, I didn’t know she was middle of her Journey.
She has traveled Singapore, LA in U. S , Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji , Philippines and China before working  Sydney.

After leaving Sydney, she start traveling again and visit Canada,

NY in U. S, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Thailand, Indo, Dubai,
Italia, Hungary, Austria and Germany then she is working in Hong Kong now.

I read  her diary blog and it is so interesting.

It’s ashamed because it’s not written in English.
I would like to share with international reader.

However, I can pick up some hight light .

While working in Sydney, she went dog grooming competition and saw unique style! ,kung fu panda!!,
She was so impressed.

kung fu panda

In Canada, she also went to canadian dog grooming competition and saw a old grand mom contester!
It’s impossible in Japan.

old groomer in Canada

In NY, she worked at dog grooming salon and had great experience.

work in NY

In Peru, she was surprised that dog groomers are all males and working so systematic.

salon in Peru

In Thailand, she attended dog grooming school and learned hair colouring there.
It’s her new experience. Beautiful work!!

colouring school in thai

In Italy, she attended a class. Students are so relax.
They took seat on the working stand.
It’s not accepted in Japanese grooming school.

students in Italy

She found each country have a different way to do dog grooming.

All article are so exciting. At same time, I feel she is a so hard worker.
Her passion about dog and dog grooming motivates her to study and work all over the world.

I respect her passion!

Her blog

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