Fukushima’s handicraft textile, Aizu cotton


Aizu Wakamatsu is located in western Fukushima Prefecture.
As you know the area has damaged by earthquake disaster in March 2011.

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The area has taken over traditional handicraft textile,  Aizu momen (cotton), for 400 years.
This cotton has been familiar with people as indispensable life cloth in Aizu area.

The characteristic of the handicraft textile is striped pattern that is beautiful although being simple .

In the Edo period, it was done as a side job of the warrior wife popularly.
It is said that people heard the sound of the weaving from every houses.

It is thick, firm, comfortable, good heat retention and sweat absorbency,
so that became indispensable to the life of people in Aizu,
where had been marked temperature swings.

Recently, adding a new interior products such as kimono cloth, the suiting,
an apron, a tablecloth, a cushion, note book cover and a tray.


Or it is provided as handicraft  such as a handbag, a wallet, pouch bag widely.

I hope many Fukushima traditional crafts would be widely known by international people.

image from_http://futtonnda.blogspot.com/_http://www.tif.ne.jp/bussan/dentou/_http://e-j-p.org/research/harayamamomen/


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