Yukata is the most casual Kimono


Yukata is the most casual Kimono. Historically, it was housedress for after bathing.
Recently, Yukata pattern and material have been changed as modern style.
It’s familiar to see Yukata at festival or fireworks event in summer in Japan.
Yukata girl

Wearing way is more simple and price is lower than a common kimono.
So it’s especially popular to young people and foreigners.

There are variety productions, cheap price one by mass production or expensive quality one by traditional craftsmen works.

Purchasing shokunin products


Sankatsu co.,Itd. The factory values tradition method to make it.

“Generations of workers whose skills are immeasurable work with our company so that every yukata is hand crafted into perfection. These workers not only worked for our company but they were also a strong supporter of our yukata’s cultural beliefs and values. One of these workers, Kotaro Shimizu, was named as a “Living national treasure”. Through our products, our objective is to introduce our culture to the world. For more than a century, we had continued to accomplish our vision through passion and we will continue to do so.”
by Sankatsu co.,Itd.

textile blue
Yukata blue

It’s so beautiful!!

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