Lacquer Work is Representative Cultural Assets of Japan


The lacquer work is one of the most important Japanese traditional art.

Many Japanese young artists use the material to make accessary, objet,
stationary or tableware with modern design.
I like to see those works as those people take over
our traditional art to next generations.

lacquer ring

The history of the lacquer work of our country is old and it goes back approximately 5, 500 years ago.

The lacquer painted an earthenware vessel and a wooden implement
with keeps coating good condition even today after 5,000 years.

It shows the lacquered surprising durability.

For example,
The oldest existing Japanese Kuden-style zushi is ‘Tamamushi no zushi’ in the Horyuji Temple.

Tamamushi no zushi



Karatachi, A Chinese style sword, by lacquer work to be considered to be a design of our country in Shoso-in.
chinese style sword


Katawaguruma Raden Makie Tebako (Toiletry Case with Cart Wheels in Stream)
lacquer work to be known as Japanese-style design.



Shigureradenkura, A Saddle, Reed-script poem design in mother-of-pearl inlay,
which expressed pine-needles bends to the wind wonderfully.
shigure saddle


Kodai-ji Makie, the Kodai-ji Temple lacquer work designs and paints autumn flowers skilfully.


Yatsuhashimakiesuzuribako, inkstone case with gold lacquer work  by Korin
letting us feel the novelty even today.
yatuhashisuzuribako kouring


Those lacquer work are representative cultural assets of our country.
The lacquer is the material to represent Japan.

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