Japanese Girl’s Fantasy Fashion


More than 20 years ago, going to Harajuku is dream of girls at that time.
I also went to there and was so excited.
Harajuku Station

I clearly remembered that beautiful building behind Takeshita street.
The building looks like as a castle of “Alice in wonderland”.

Also there were many cute and fancy products, the theme was “Alice in wonderland”.
Just looking around the shops makes a girl so happy.

street fashion

Japanese girls love western fairy tale, which is their fantasy.
These days, Mori girls and Gothic & Lolita girls are being around this area.
Both fashion also were inspired from western fairy tale.
Alice in wonderland story

The Harajuku might have magic that being there makes girls feel fairy tale’s heroine.

I think this series of designed clothes are cleverly mixing Cosplay, Mori girls and Gothic & Lolita girls fashion.

story cosplay all

“Designed the clothes which imaged the main character of the children’s story.
wishing an adult woman to wear it, so it’s particular about all of color, material, detail elegantly.


As same as sense that you wear an antique dress, moreover this dress makes you feel becoming the heroine of the fairy tale.

It is pleasant that a variation of the mix-and-match of clothes spreads so as to collect.

alice arrange

For example, matching an apron of Alice with the dress of Dorothy or the Little Red Riding Hood.
Or putting on a ribbon of Snow White with a dress of Little Red Riding Hood.”
by Haco.

It’s a girl’s fantasy!!




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