History of Kokeshi Doll


These days Kokoeshi doll is designed super modern and cute!
cute kokeshi
However, I would like to introduce traditional style one with history.
many kokeshi

In the times of the Emperor Shotoku(718~770) ,
wood special container was made for four kinds of Sutra Dharani.

The total number of container was 1 million.
This work is said to be the oldest Kokeshi doll which a woodworker made.

After that, son of Emperor Seiwa (844~897) instructed a turning technology to woodworker in Ogura village in Aichi-Gun.

Therefore,  woodworkers, who had achived a technique,
moved to Kanto and Tohoku in the east or Kyushu and Shikoku in the west.
They moved and formed the village of the wood worker to the hot-spring resort of each place.

While woodworkers made a tray or a wooden bowl,
they made the bare wood toys such as kokeshi doll for the girl or a spinning top for a boy.
It was changed from the toy of the child to a folkcraft afterwards.

It’s origin of Kokeshi doll.

<Kokeshi Festival Informations>

All-Japan Kokeshi Doll Contest
Shiroishi city, Miyagi prefecture
3rd to 5th May

National Kokeshi Festival
Naruko onsen osaki city
1st Satuday and Sunday of September

Natuonal Traditional Kokeshi Turning Festival 
Togattaonsen Kattagun Zaomachi, Miyagi prefecture
early October


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