Respected Jewel Arts by Terufumi Miike


Terufumi Miike is a metalist.

I was impressed by his respected work with his big effort and I almost cried.

He made handmade engage ring, marriage ring and gift boxes of them.

marrige ring in long box
I made arrangement with bridal couple many times. The ring which, was thought about with two people not only me. The most important thing is that not only making form , but also make thought into the form.

These days, chasing the fashion boom and making any product by mass production is ordinary.
We have the sense that we had been used to be this society .

After reading his concept and process of work,
It gives us opportunity to rethink about  “producing things affectionately by handmade work is so precious.”

He does all his best to client’s order.
No, he achieves more than client’s request.

hand made box
Recently, when I make cross wood style box, I write a character of the fortune to all corner of the box and seal it. It disappears after adhesion. I think that making box is not only designing packaging, but also include thought of wishing happiness for client . So writing happiness on the box is my original style for wishing good luck for them.

When he makes the product , his work has great care with full of love for each one’s details.
This affection is not only for art work, but also for client, who use this one.

I think that the gift is originally form of such a love.

old ring
The ring which includes thought of grandmother and mother dissolves the gold and renews. It was rebirth and inherited to the next generation.

He seems enjoying every process of works.

Looking at his process of work, it makes us feel fun as it looks like reading a story.
His feeling of enjoyment of work is overflowing, so this happiness feeling infect others.

sister's ring
I produce a ring to a younger sister as well.
It is full of thought from grandmother, mother and the couple. I carved the initials of the whole family at back side of the ring. It’s a symbol of that the family are in the circle as harmony every time.

“The most important thing is that not only making form , but also make thought into the form.”

marrige ring
It’s a marriage ring.The surface is platinum. In side is gold. Because it is a thing to put on for around half a century, so that should be simple and elegant without being too gaudy .

“I change all production into custom tailoring and chose a style,
which doesn’t keep stock as much as possible recently.
This choice is not only reducing the waste, but also
I can include as much as possible full of affection to my work and it shows thanks to clients.
Even if the number of production decreases,
the finished works are pleased very much by the clients who ordered.
I produce all a box, a package as well as work one by one by handicraft.”
He said that.

engage ring
It’a an engage ring
In this time, getting a little less than 5mm precious diamond then designed simple as not to attract attention too much while it shows the beauty as main character. After all the brightness of 98 cuts is beautiful.

Recently he starts doing apprenticeship of the Higo Zougan, 肥後象眼,
craft which is a traditional hand craft of Kumamoto with the history of 400 years.

From now on, he will produce new style works with traditional handmade craft.

What style of works he would show us next time?
Looking forward to seeing it so much!

More his works at

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