Modern Tatami Mat, “Igusa Roll”


Igusa tatami roll

Igusa tatami roll & child

The “Igusa Roll”, “Igusa” is the rush leaves in Japanese.
This product has unique concept within keeping traditional function.

The traditional tatami mat’s width is around 3 Shaku, 90 cm.
It’s necessary to have between 110 to 160 cm length of rush for weaving tatami facing.

It is the fact that is not known unexpectedly but, it isn’t same as mass production product,
so it can not produce all same size and same quality every time.

Even taking same time and effort in the same rice field, some rushes grow less than 100 cm length.
Because it’s grown naturally, all length are random.

Number of the short length of rush is 10 to 15% out of total production annually.

Those rush, which doesn’t have enough length, are doing incineration.
Because it couldn’t be found way to use.

It’s a shame wasting it.
The functionality of those grass itself is same though it’s just not enough length.

The concept of  “Igusa roll” came out of the thought ” the short “rush” would utilize effectively”.
igusa roll chair

The “Igusa Roll” is the compact tatami mat,which is usable on flooring and furniture.

Despite of compact size, the quality is so high because it’s made by 100% Japanese rush.
Also,this product does not use adhesive bond to enhance quality of rush.

The mat is not only comfortable for seating,
but also comfortable for stepping with a foot or lying down to sleep on it.
“Rush” has humidity control and air cleanliness effect.

This material is jam-packed one by one of these rolls closely.
It’s absorbs sweat well. You can experience that it’s difficult to make humidity.

Moreover, a fragrance of the tatami mat is not only “rush” smell,
but also fragrance of mixing of the soil and the hay.
This unique fragrance has a high relaxation effect like herb.
hair salon

Commonly, it can keep good condition for three years, then turning over keeps quality two or three years.
After that, changing the sheet is proper cycle.

鏡畳店 Kagami Tatami Ten

畳屋道場 Tatamiya Doujou

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