Joyful Ceramic Artist, Wataru Nagase


ceramic fish
The ceramic artist, Wataru Nagase make wide variety of art works, decollation from a thing with the everydayness.

The motif are creatures of the sea and the mountain.
His posture for works shows us respect and love for a natural object.
In fact, fishing is his hobby. So, motif of his art works use creature of the sea many times.
ceramic crab
He can make gorgeous works with the eyes which are obedient,
because he lives freely in the environment where nature is rich.

Furthermore, the way of life of this artist is very deeply impressive, because there is a lot of love for daily life.
flog vase
Learning about how his achievements inspired his art works, was a nice discovery.

For example, Using creatures of the sea as motif.
“Moore” is his pet dog ,being  as motif or model often.
Teru Teru mooa
He restored the traditional studio which was in neglected condition by oneself.
cafe mooks
Then, he had a plan that opening studio and cafe that place.

So, invited a friend as an owner of the cafe.And he organised events to invite a musician with local people at the place.
Guitar live
Now, this activity becomes the big scale as promoting the town.

Finally, the media came to interview him about this activity because this is a great example of success of the town.

More details will be written later.

He is not only a ceramic artist, but also seems like a planner for promoting the city.
Because of that his activities affect people around him.

I am also one of them. Being so delighted to discover him and writing about his story.

image from Wataru Nagase,

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