Joyful Ceramic Artist, Wataru Nagase 2


This ceramic artist, Wataru Nagase is introduced before at “Joyful Ceramic Artist, Wataru Nagase“.
His life style is really interesting, so I would like to share with you again.

This artist says that in his profile.
“I am living as playing a wood bass, fishing and making pottery .”

It’s a true so his life style is very simple as this profile.
fishing with child
He make living with making ceramic ware on the basis of the having of the solo art exhibitions. He does fishing and cooking then, offering it to friends.

Having many events with his friends at the cafe and his studio, where is renovated by him. Recently, TV crew are coming for coverage.

I thought the artist is really wonderful from this episode.
When he invited musician and had a concert event.
He required young people living the town to help as a project stuff.
And to take local people into the team then enlivened an event.
They cleared up the studio and arranged it and built up a handmade stage together.
The musician got goose bumps from splendor of the stage design.
After the success of the event, young people talked about their dream and goal naturally.
There are many ways of promoting small town.

gatya gatya machine
For example, promoting yuruchara , local product or traveling.
However, instead of doing short time campaign, the best effect thing is encouragement of local young. Giving dream, goal and hope to young people is the best way to enliven the small town.
gatya gatya badge
I respect Mr. Nagase, because he can do those things naturally.

The artist knows happiness, much stronger than others, of making things.
Thus, feelings become so happy, when we see that he is doing new activity.

From now on, I would like to introduce his arts and activities from bottom of heart.

All image from Wateru Nagase

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