The Beautiful and Strong Craft, Akita Cedar Pail & Barrel


The feature of the beautiful and strong traditional craft, Akita Sugi Oke & Taru, Akita Cedar pail & barrel, is made from the unique material , Akita cedar. The cedar grows in cold weather and the space of the annual ring is small.
Akita Cedar wood

The history of the craft is so old. Such as the bottom part and the handles of a pail to be the thing of 15-16 centuries, are found from Akita castle trace. In the history, the package of the Sake and Syoyu, soy bean sauce, was demanding. In that time, there was the big encouragement by the Akita feudal lord, because the area had  Akita cedar resource.
The technique of craftsmen were improving a lot at the time.

Especially, Noshiro city in Akita prefecture, where Tarutomi Kamata studio is .
There is a eminent  wood distribution centre of Japan.

This traditional hand-craft studio, Tarutomi Kamata has taken over for 140 years.
Mr. Yuhei Kamata is a succeeder.

He has a strong policy, which is not only making good looking design, but also trying to affect people’s five senses. For example, he is considering about user’s touching, feeling , smelling and tasting by using his product.
hand work

His most important philosophy is that ” Looking by good eye, listening by good ear and remembering those information in good mind.” Then, those information that gathered are base of his work mind.
bamboo cup

Mr. Yuhei ishoning the five senses while catching a change in the world.
Meanwhile, he is introducing the good Akita cedar pail and barrel into the whole country today.

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