Haiku Picture Needs Good Heart


Mr. Hosono is a Haiga, haiku picture , craftsman, making freehand drawing clothes for children.
It is a so heart-warming drawing.
He talks about the reason why he is starting this product as below.

” I was the world No.1 boy, who was loving grandmother. The grandmother was doing “Haiga, haiku picture”. So since I was a small child, I had many opportunity to see the tool of a picture and the pigment. The result, when I think back at that time, I loved drawing pictures unconsciously.

Then, around one year after death of my grandmother, I got many grandmother’s haiku picture texts. So,I started learning the haiku picture from those text by myself. ”

haiku picture
The haiku picture is a freehand drawing for haiku. It’s simple and expressed freely with stroke of black ink . The haiku picture is a kind of the black-and-white drawing.  Simple stroke and the beauty of the white paper are charm of the haiku picture.

It is the expression of the Japanese sense of beauty and is the unique art, which does not have the similar instance in the foreign country.
Haiku picture class
The characteristic of the haiku picture is made by the instant stroke by black ink of the sumi on the white paper.

The haiku picture cannot do “a deception”, because it should draw impromptu.
Japanese people believe that drawing stroke of black ink reflects people’s thought.
haiku picture exhibition
When it’s drawing, having a good heart is the most important thing.

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