The Bonsai is a Play of Imagination


bonsai at room

Bonsai’s Bon is meaning of a pot, Sai means a plant, that grows on the pot.
Using the plant and expressing, as if making a big nature field on the small pot, is the enjoyment of Bonsai. The enjoyment of Bonsai is not only looking after the plant, but also it’s a play of imagination.

genji story
envoy to the Tang Dynasty
People has said the origin of Bonsai is that in the Heian era, from 794 to 1185, an envoy to the Tang Dynasty took home the Chinese miniature landscape garden arranged on a tray with stones and sand, which could be Bonsai. Also, the oldest historical proof is that the Bonsai was depicted on picture scrolls at end of Heian era.

tsubaki Bonsai
It’s a Japanese original style, that technique to express outlook on Japanese climate and nature by using plants. Historical Bonsais are still left at the Tokyo gardening high school and Imperial Palace now.
bonsai farm
The history is more than 1000 years. It had kept developing as the Japanese traditional gardening.

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