Wearing Tabi Provides Better Health Than Wearing Shoes.


kimono&Tabi“A pair of tabi is a Japan-specific traditional item of clothing, and a kind of underwear worn on the feet. The cotton cloth is a main material of it. A pair of tabi is used when wearing zori (Japanese sandals), geta (Japanese wooden foot gear) or setta (zori with leather used on the sole). Therefore, the portion between the big toe and other toes of a tabi is separated (separation of the big toe.)” by Wikipedia

The Tabi was innovated in the Japanese country, because all traditional footwear has the sandal strap. If those traditional items, kimono, clogs and Japanese sandals, didn’t exist, the Tabi wasn’t born.

tabi shoesA Jika Tabi (work Tabi, split-toed heavy cloth shoes with rubber soles) is able to wear on the direct outdoors. It’s made main body by strong cloth and put strong rubber at the bottom. So, it like a shoes.

Wearing it provides better health than wearing shoes. Because it is easy to walk,  the body doesn’t take the burden,reducing the back pain and the valgus hallux. The foot is the same as a hand, so the interval of a thumb and the forefinger is important when our hands need force. Using thumb and forefinger separately gives much stronger  power than  using five fingers. The foot is also same. Separate tiptoe can get force, so it’s easy to do heavy work.fashion tabi red

jikatabi_nature1Recently, the Tabi is developing to practical, stylish shoes while it keeps a tradition. I am glad as a Japanese to see development to the Tabi, which is presenting a traditional, stylish and healthy product . I am looking forward to seeing much evolution of it from now on.

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