Reviewing The Past Japanese Eating Habit


showa mealI believe that my generation is a boundary between Japanese traditional to westernisation of the eating habits. I clearly remember that KFC and MC commercial was showing TV, when I was a child. I felt it was so sensational in my life. because I had never eaten those food in my life.

Japanese foods are appreciated as a health food internationally. However, the westernisation of the eating habits becomes big problem in Japan. the Japanese eating habit has changed for the 40 years by increasing the economic richness.

Japanese familyIn 1965, The food self-sufficiency ratio in Japan was 73%. When comparing the present with then daily meals, the quantity to eat rice is decreasing, and the consumption of livestock products (meat, egg) , oils and fats is increasing.

By increasing the number of living alone, 24 hours of a convenience store and the supermarket without holiday, those services pushed forward the spread of eating out and take-out lunch.

convenience storeThe rich and convenience eating habits, a thing to want to eat is available anytime, causes various problems. 24 hours of the store without holiday produces the surplus food stock and the food disposal approximately 19 million tons a year (84 kg per one nation) .

In addition, the influence extends to the bad health condition of the nation. The Japanese eating habits of about 1980 were comprised of a variety of side dishes, such as rice, vegetables and fruit, was ideal as the nourishment balance.

Japanese round tableHowever, consumptions of rice decreased, and the consumptions of livestock products, oils and fats, increased recently in Japan. As a result our eating habits become to lead to obesity and a lifestyle-related disease.

Our eating habits are  bound up with the Japanese agriculture closely. By the survey by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, most of nations feel that domestic farm products is  superior to an overseas product in points such as safety and a taste, the freshness. Moreover, the person who “is thinking about purchasing domestic farm products” shows a high standard in the same survey.

For improvement of the nourishment balance and leftover and disposal, we need to review the past Japanese life style.

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