Support of Tohoku Earthquake Victims


rakuzen bowlAfter I invited Tohoku Earthquake 2011 Victims to my Japanese art online shop,, I really feel having a mission, which I should help them. Some of them are still suffering.

When I talk to those people, they require that introducing their art work to overseas. After hearing their requirement, I decided to have art exhibition in Sydney for them. As below is a  project plan.


fukuiro pierced earrings“Exhibition in support of Tohoku Earthquake 2011 Victims
Our main purpose for this exhibition is to encourage victims of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan. We aim to do this by helping artists and crafts-people from the region to get back on their feet.

Many of these people lost their family, homes, and jobs, and some are still living in temporary accommodation. Daily it’s a struggle to find hope and something to live for.

I have already found a number of artists from the regdaruma2ion, making handmade works to try and earn a living.

So, the goal of the exhibition is to let people know their background stories and introduce their art works.  We intend to display description panels on the wall telling people how those victims start making their own community, supporting each other and achieving their art activity. “

It’s still hard to find out contributor, who is understanding this idea. however, some of them offer to help us.

Daruma Restaurant
Daruma Restaurant kindly offered us to display and sale Shirakawa Daruma.

Lovey Bite Cafe
Lovey Bite Cafe kindly bought Darumas and offered us to set up poster and brochures.

JCS provided us store booth in some events. 10% of sales goes to JCS Rainbow Project

GOJYUAN – high quality Japanese inn.
GOJYUAN accepted us to hold art exhibition from11th March to 15th March 2015. It’s could be the biggest exhibition for us. 10% of sales goes to JCS Rainbow Project

I really thanks to them.
Hontouni Arigatougozaimasu, 本当にありがとうございます。

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