Work Shop of the Traditional Japanese Sweet


Japanese sweetI have been lost chance to eat Japanese traditional fresh sweets for long time. The simple sweet, Dorayaki cakes, Daihuku(rice cake stuffed with bean jam), are easy to get Sydney but, traditional real quality one is hard to find out here.

It’s a funny story. My friend Yukiko, who organised charity event with me, she has never told me her occupation. Also I have Japanese sweet craftsmannever asked her. One day, I checked web site of  GOJYUAN , Japanese traditional inn, to find out their logo mark for my work. And found out a Yukiko’s name as a instructor of the making traditional Japanese sweet !????????

What I like, even in Australia, we have a chance to learn those specific skills and eat!. In Japan, easy to find the course many area. So if you travel around,
please try it. Details are as below.

kanshundo – Kyoto
Japanese sweet work shopThey will prepare English, Korean and Chinese text

Fee :1person 2160 Yen (Including tax)
Contents: 4 types wagashi (3 Jou-namagashi and 1Higashi)
for the reservation, call 075-561-4019.

Wakabado – Tokyo
possible to teach in English and Chinese
contact: sweet lesson

possible to teach in English and Chinese ( please book 2 days before)
Fee :a person 1,000 Yen .Children(more than 11years old) 800  Yen
Contents: 4 wagashi
for the reservation, call 076-221-0336.

GOJYUAN – Sydney, Balmain
There will be separate classes in Japanese and in English.Japanese sweet
There is a limit of 10 students per class.

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