The Daruma Has Regional Variety of Faces


The Daruma is a Japanese traditional lucky charm. It has variety of different sharp, colour and using material depends on producing area. I found and introduce here, these popular Darumas from all over Japan. All are unique and characteristic design.

Matsukawa Daruma
Matsukawa Daruma
It’s made from Sendai city and around the area
takasaki Daruma
Takasaki Daruma
From Takasaki city, Gunma prefecture.
shirakawa Daruma
Shirakawa Daruma
From Shirakawa city, Fukushima
kawagoe Daruma
Koshigaya Daruma
From Koshigaya city, Saitama prefercture.
Tokyo tama Daruma
Tokyo Daruma & Tama Daruma
From Tama area, Tokyo.
sousyu Daruma
Sousyu Daruma
From Hiratsuka city, Kanazawa Prefecture
suzukawa Daruma
Suzukawa Daruma
From Fujishi city, Shizuoka prefecture
ehime hime Daruma
Hime Daruma
The drama is close to Japanese doll.
gosyoku Daruma
Gosyoku Gankake Daruma
wishing five coloured Daruma
It sales at Daruma temple in Izu city, Shizuoka prefecture
hime Daruma
Toyono Hime Daruma
It sales Munakata region, Ooita precefcture.

Let’s travel around and get your favourite one!!

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