The Best Sake Ranking in Japan


I am not sake fan. However, after attending sake tasting party, I changed mind because, those best sakes overturned my stereotype thought about sake.

I thought sake was so strong of alcohol, taste is also strong. It’s not mild and I can’t drink more than cap.

It’s strong , but I found good quality sake has mild and fruity taste. It totally different from wine. I difficult explain of how is the taste so please review of this comments.

The Best Sake Ranking in Japan
Japanese sake dassaiNo.1 獺祭 Gassai
from Yamaguchi Prefecture
Review:  The moment you put your mouth on glass, a gorgeous scent tickles your nose. A soft mellowness, a melon-like sweet flavor, after which comes a crisp spice through the nose, then refreshingly leaves the mouth. It tastes different every time you drink it.

Those who say “I don’t normally drink sake” or “I can’t tell sakes apart” were astonished and said “this is delicious.”

Japanese sakeNo.2 十四代 Jyuyondai
from Yamagata Prefecture
Review:  A strong sweetness, with a refreshing acidity to the aftertaste. In addition, it has a characteristic aroma, with the clear smell of kikayoshu.

*A smell similar to kika which may be generated if alcohol is added in the process of fermentation, it is called “kikayoshu (kika-like smell).”

Japanese sakeNo.3  醸し人九平次 Kamoshibitokuheiji
from Aichi frefecture
Review:  Very elegant, creating the image of a flower. Like rose petals. Fragrances of melon, angelica, fenouil, and cumin. The balance of acidity and sweetness is wonderful. More than anything, it has a flaivor not present in wine.

Japanese sakeNo.4  黒龍 Kokuryu
from Hukui prefecture
Review: A sharp dryness with a faint acidity. A sweet aroma, fruity and full-bodied. This is also popular with women who like sake.


Japanese sake

No.5  田酒 Densyu
from Aomori prefecture
Review: The acidity and aroma is well-balanced. The fruity flavors and refreshing sharpness when placed in the mouth are characteristic. The taste of rice, although strong, is soft, making this very popular with men and women.


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