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giants DarumaArtLab is supporting traditional craft from Fukushima.

Shirakawa Daruma can make variety of design for you. It’s possible to make unique corporate gift for party, anniversary, conference, sports competition or any purpose for your business.

Or we are so happy to make any private gifts as well. For example, birthday present, wedding gift, guest gift or Christmas gift.

corporate gift darumasize:  from 1.5 cm height (key ring) ~ 93cm height

The custom order is arrangeable colouring, naming and changing form any shape. Designer will lead and support  you to make your custom order Daruma.

We can deal with world wide area based on EMS service international. http://www.ems.post/operators

Process of Making Daruma
Please Contact us your enqury or order
ex) size, quantity, colour, schedule and briefly design idea

Soccer team Daruma

2. We will give you quote

3. Please, pay up front by PayPal (international customer )or bank transaction (only domestic customer)

4. Designer will support you to make design.( only custom order )

5. After deciding design, start making Daruma by traditional craftsmen.

6. Shipping Daruma from Japan to your place.
oosaka kuidaore daruma




Our experiences and review from customers
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All photo from Watanabe Daruma



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