The Gofun Manicure Uses Japanese Traditional Pigment


sakura nailI normally don’t put manicure on my fingers.  To be honest, the small of the liquid are uncomfortable for me.  Moreover, I dislike the small of nail-enamel remover.

When I found this manicure product, I was so impressed. Lot of pregnant women and mother of small kids use this product in Japan. Wishing this product will spread and be popular over the world.

Japanese pigment nail polish
Gofun is a white colorant made from finely-crushed Japanese scallop shells which is important in Japanese art. It can be mixed to create light colors, and it is used to make base coats and top coats of coloring. It also continues to be used in the creation of Japanese dolls, Noh masks, and in murals and decorative ceiling paintings found in shrines and temples.

We started our gofun nail polish and gofun cosmetics brand with the aim of applying this beautiful Japanese coloring to our daily lives. It’s not just vibrant coloring; unlike conventional Japanse nail polishnail polish, it is free of strong odors, it excels in breathability, and it feels light when you wear it. Also, since it is water-soluble, it can be removed using regular rubbing alcohol instead of nail polish remover, and is a product easily usable even by those who have trouble with conventional nail polish.

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