5th Anniversary memorial of the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami


3.11 charity event posterMy biggest annual schedule is coming! Organising for the charity event this year again. This year’s one is  bigger than last year’s one as this year is 5th commemoration. Last year of story is here. It has pasted five years since the unforgettable disaster in Japan. Most of people who knows recent of condition at the disaster area and victim’s life says “The condition of victim’s life is not so much improving.” Many people still live in contemporary house. Their city is still gray zone for living , not clear answer from government.

And when I talking people from those disaster area, all are saying this comment “ People remember this disaster and us, what is the really cheerful things for us. Please don’t forget the things happen for us.” They say.

Fukushima disaster areaI can’t do Miraculously improve them, but I will do something within I can do.

Traditional Craft from Fukushima
4th March from 18:30 (opening )~10th March.
at Japan Foundation Sydney
Oborisoma ware
Shirakawa Daruma
Aizu Lacquer
Aizu texture (Modern style )

candleSpecial talk and demonstration-Oborisoma Matsunaga ware
Thursday, March 10
6:30pm-7:30pm (Doors open 6:00pm)
Demonstration and talk on reviving the Obori Soma tradition of pottery making at Japan Foundation. http://www.jpf.org.au/jpfeve…/16-after311/demonstration.html
Will share their experience of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and talk about how the community is working to keep the Obori Soma craft alive.

311charity event flierPerforming Event
11th(Fri) and 12tn(Sat) March at Manly Corso,
The event’s more info at FaceBook page

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