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Samurai Spirit

The spirit of Bushido is based on Benevolence, Justice, Respect, Wisdom, Fidelity, Loyalty and Sincerity. Within the spirit of Bushido, there is …

cosplay gakuran

History of Gakuran

“Gakuran” is the name of the boys’ school uniform with the upstanding collar. The “ran” in “gakuran” is an abbreviation of the …

calligraphy class

The First Writing of The Year

“Kakizome,” the first calligraphy writing of the year is described as a tradition of writing or illustrating something for the first time …


Camellia Festival in Oshima

From the end of January to the second half of March, the Camellia Festival is held on Izu Oshima. The Camellia Tunnel …