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cosplay gakuran

History of Gakuran

“Gakuran” is the name of the boys’ school uniform with the upstanding collar. The “ran” in “gakuran” is an abbreviation of the …

calligraphy class

The First Writing of The Year

“Kakizome,” the first calligraphy writing of the year is described as a tradition of writing or illustrating something for the first time …

Noren family crest

Kamon, Japan’s Family Crests

Kamon—Japan’s family crests—originally referred to as “mondokoro” or “ie no monsho,” were motifs used to express the identity of each family in …

hands and kiseru

Japan Has Own Unique Tobacco Culture

The Japanese smoking pipe and finely shredded tobacco are examples of how Japan has it’s own unique tobacco culture.  Smoking culture originally …