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Japanese inn

The Newest Kotatsu

Sydney is winter now so it’s really cold stay out side especially without sun light. I and mamatomo( mum friends , having small …


Ukiyo-e Shows a “Floating World”

I studied graphic design at an art university in Japan. Many teachers recommended to review and research about Japanese traditional painting. For …

Aizu cotton clothe

History of Aizu Cotton

It is said that the origin of Aizu Cotton dates back 400 years to the Tensho Period, when the feudal lord of …

charity exhibition

Concept of the Charity Exhibition

The charity exhibition at GOJYUAN, Japanese traditional inn,  successfully finished. We are so impress many people came and showed interesting our event. …

shibori zome

Shibori Zome World

My image of Shibori zome is a kind of activity for children. In kindergarden or school. we enjoyed this activity part of …

traditional apron

Our Ancestors Know Japanese Quality

Japanese hand manufacturing products has a long history. There are still people who have continued producing it historically. And there are the “production areas” …