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Samurai Spirit

The spirit of Bushido is based on Benevolence, Justice, Respect, Wisdom, Fidelity, Loyalty and Sincerity. Within the spirit of Bushido, there is …

calligraphy class

The First Writing of The Year

“Kakizome,” the first calligraphy writing of the year is described as a tradition of writing or illustrating something for the first time …

hands and kiseru

Japan Has Own Unique Tobacco Culture

The Japanese smoking pipe and finely shredded tobacco are examples of how Japan has it’s own unique tobacco culture.  Smoking culture originally …

Hello kitty

Behind The Story of Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a popular and beloved character all over the world. However, the character wasn’t so much popular when it was …

tobi fashion

Japanese Steeplejack Work Clothes

Tobifuku, Japanese steeplejack work clothes has really strange, characteristic design. This style to look strange at a glance, however this closes has high …

charity exhibition

Concept of the Charity Exhibition

The charity exhibition at GOJYUAN, Japanese traditional inn,  successfully finished. We are so impress many people came and showed interesting our event. …